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The 12 steps many of us are still currently on can be called many things; the Zodiac, the 12 chakras, the twelve planets, etc. Each time we ascend from one of the steps to the next, the wisdom, and the experience of the previous step, stays with us, forever, and always. Just like when we experience an emotion (perhaps a moment of incredibly intense love), when we escalate from one step to the next, it stays with us. The same can be said of the Zodiac. Each step is one of the signs. The first step is your Zodiac sign, whatever that may be. Mine happens to be Aquarius, meaning the step that I am born on, is the step of Aquarius. The next step would be Pisces. The third, Aries. The fourth, Taurus. The fifth, Gemini. So on and so forth. If you know the order of the Zodiac, you know the rest of them. With this in mind, I will also say that it is very possible to skip a step, as long as you return later to finish that step that you jumped straight over. The important part, is that you have stepped on all twelve of these steps. Because once we hit the 12th, just as Jesus (YESHUA), and Bhudda, and all of our ascended masters have done, this is when we have reached Christ Consciousness. 

This Divineconsciousness is not the end of our journey though. It’s not even close. Why? Because there is no such thing as the end of ANYTHING! When one age ends, another begins, also meaning that there is no such thing as the beginning of anything either!!! When one life ends, something else begins. (Not saying re-incarnation… but actually, yes I am.) Which brings me to my next ramble…

Why is it that SOME PEOPLE seem to thinkthat JUST BECAUSE  you’re a "CHRISTIAN" or a “MUSLIM”(or any other label)then that AUTOMATICALLY means, that you CAN’T BELIEVE IN RE-INCARNATION?!?!?!?!?!

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

No I won’t.

Where does it say ANYWHERE in the Holy Divine Books of Creation/Transmutation, that if you’re a christian or a muslim, then you CANNOT believe in re-incarnation? I’ll answer that for you.


QUESTION: So why are these labels even in existence?

ANSWER: To confuse the shit out of you, by the “powers that be” (whom don’t truly have any power beyond this dimension) in order to prevent YOU from reaching the thirteenth step! (They don’t like love. They hate it. Which is also a contradiction, on their behalf. How can you hate that which created you? Love existed before hate did. The corruption of love created hate. So in reality, hate cannot hate love. Only love can hate love. And love wouldn’t do that. So nothing can hate love. Period.) =)

Anyways, I will end this post by saying… well. This post won’t ever end. Even after I’ve posted it. Like I said. Once you experience something, it will forever be with you. And so, this post will forever exist. So as long as at least one person has read it, this will live on… Oh. Well, I read it, because I typed it. So even if no one else ever takes the time to read this, it does not matter, because the emotion, and the experience behind the creation of this post, can & will eventually be transmuted into something else. Maybe even a random radio-wave that combines with someones electro-magnetic brainwaves, making it possible for someone, to someday, experience the same exact pattern of emotions and thoughts that I have just felt, by creating this post.


I love you all, as usual. Stay on your path. Continue unlocking your steps. When the unity of all twelve arrives, you have reached the beginning of your next set of twelve steps. At the end of those steps, you will reach, yet, another new consciousness. So on & so forth, forever, and ever. It’s an extremely beautiful thing, really. Namaste, and Agape Amora! <3

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